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  • What is the retainer and signed session agreement for?
    ➳ The retainer is to secure your session date and time from anyone else's booking. ➳ The signed agreement is to lay out all the agreed-upon details for your session.
  • Can I customize a package?
    ➳ All packages are customizable to a certain extent such as adding time, backdops, wardrobe changes, limited props, etc. ➳Packages are not customizable as far as subtracting anything. if you are unsure leave a quick message in the chat box!
  • How do I book a session?
    ➳ Sessions can be booked only through the booking tab. bookings will not be accepted via text, email, dm, phone call, etc.
  • Can I add an additional look?
    Yes, additional looks can be added to your session. Please be sure to notate that under your booking questionnaire. Pricing for additional looks can be found under our ala carte menu.
  • What if I need more time in a event session?
    ➳ If more time is needed to shoot an event, more shooting time is available for purchase under our a la carte menu. An invoice can be sent to you at my earliest convenience. Balances must be paid before the release of any images.
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