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TMonique photography is a professional traveling photographer. Tiara specializes in various portrait sessions, from studio to outdoor sessions and more!  TMonique photography was founded in 2018, starting with landscape photography and recently started venturing towards other niches and the customer service of photography. Tiara strives to give every client a glam experience to remember and helps her clients bring out the beauty and confidence from within!



I first picked up a camera in 2014, living in Hawaii. My first camera was a Nikon 1J3, and I moved to a Nikon D60 that my mom gifted me and always wanted me to pull out at every family function. Surprisingly I had a love/hate relationship with cameras. I then moved to a Canon T6, which I rocked with for years until I upgraded to what I shoot with today, a Canon R, which has been my baby ever since! my ultimate favorite color would have to be blue but not just a regular blue, a light teal or turquoise, to me it represents and makes me feel peace, calmness, and overall just relaxation and serenity. If I could get on a plane tomorrow, I’d go to the Maldives. My favorite place I have traveled to thus far is Thailand on a recent summer trip I went on, the people were so lovely, and the island was stunning and breathtaking. Growing up as a military child has shaped me into the person I am today; having to move all around the world constantly caused me to have an adaptive mindset to all new learning and exciting experiences and has taught me how to connect with a variety of people from different walks of life. It’s caused me to have a passion for seeing the world and new experiences.

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